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Fire Safety in Care Homes

In a care home environment, every design aspect must be planned with precision and a sensitive awareness towards the safety of every resident. Fire safety is an essential consideration for care homes — vulnerable residents must be looked after and safeguarded when it comes to both fire prevention and response. In this piece, we are looking at the current state of fire safety in care homes, including what needs to change and how improvements can be made. Why is fire safety in care homes so important? The nature of a care home should immediately put a greater focus on the importance of…

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Unique Characteristics of Care Home Builds [with graphics]

Care homes are not like your average builds, the needs of the residents are often varied and therefore so are the characteristics of the property. Careful consideration needs to be given to the design of such a building to ensure the needs of the residents and the staff are met, making it a successful construction with a long term future. The following aspects of the build should be balanced, ensuring that the wellbeing of the residents can be catered for. Homelike Environments Residents will no doubt be staying for the foreseeable future, but this shouldn’t mean the designers have to treat…

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Retirement Villages Explained [with graphics]

In later life, it becomes important to ensure our loved ones can enjoy a high standard of living while also having access to care as and when required. Social care options have grown in recent years, and retirement villages have become an attractive option for seniors looking for a lifestyle transition. So what are retirement villages? How are they run and what do they have to offer residents that traditional care homes simply can’t? What makes a retirement village? Retirement villages are built around independent living inside a social, active community setting. They’re built to serve all the needs of residents…

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What Do Residents Look For in a Care Home? – Infographic

As property consultants with vast experience in the care home sector, we understand how important – and often difficult – choosing the right care home is. That’s why we’ve put together this care home infographic to highlight some of the issues facing existing care homes, and what might be done to attract patients to a modern care home in the future – ensuring a better standard of care for all.   When a resident chooses a care home, they’re making an important decision about their future. From a care provider’s perspective, an intuitive service delivered from the outset – to a…

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Reducing Hospital Admissions via Improved Care Home Standards

No matter what time of the year, elderly people, who are making up a larger and larger proportion of our population, require more care and more attention. It’s a problem we have to face up to as a country, with an aging population which could eventually be the one thing to bring the NHS to its knees. This issue is both a large and a small-scale one, it could be something which cripples our economy, but it’s also heartbreaking for our loved ones because the low standards in some care homes is often preventable. There are several ways in which we…

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