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Changes To CDM Requirements Part 2: The Implications

These regulations came into force on 6th April 2015 but for most projects already underway these have been managed under interim measures with the existing parties being employed, however as of 6th October 2015 all projects both new and existing will have to be managed under the New Regulations. There was, just before and for a while after, some speculation on the effect and actual practical management of the new Regulations, however, new guidance has been published and initial draft documents have been issued giving a clear picture:- The Key changes are as follows: All projects must have:- a) A written…

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Changes To CDM Requirements 2015 – Part 1: The Key Changes

You might have heard that as of the 6th of April 2015 that there are new changes to the CDM regulations for health and safety. The cut-off date for current projects to comply with the new 2015 regulations is 6th of October 2015, allowing enough time for the necessary changes to be made. CDM (or Construction, Design and Management) regulations refer to the rules which are there in place to protect everyone, from the people who will be carrying out the construction to those who will eventually populate the structure. The new requirements are not too far removed from the 2007…

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School Refurbishment Projects: What Should You Consider?

There are many schools across the country that are in dire need of refurbishment. Dated and ill-equipped to deal with the average class size and school day, there are many things that need to be considered in regards to school refurbishment projects. Who Is It For? By refreshing and updating school property to improve the quality of the building, we can hope to inspire our youngsters and give them the best place to learn, with the best teachers and with the best set up. Refurbishing a school is about providing a better future for pupils and attempting to give them the…

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Aedifice’s Latest Care Home Project Success In Glasgow

Aedifice Partnership completed another successful care home development in April 2015. This 70 bed care home over two storeys in Glasgow was constructed for The Sisters of Nazareth Charitable Trust. Aedifice are involved with Nazareth as their Project Manager and Cost Consultant for their new build and refurbishments of care home developments across the UK ranging in construction value from £50k to £15m. The development of this 70 bed care home was the first of a 4 phase development on the 6 acre site, which sits a Grade II listed building, which remained in operation throughout the construction. The £6.5m care…

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Care Home Development For Obese Residents: A Missed Opportunity?

There are always going to be a variety of issues related to the health of residents in care homes, but it’s now being said that some care homes – particularly the newly developed ones – are missing out on a crucial factor of care for residents. The area which seems to be neglected is the needs of residents who are obese and those who have bariatric needs. As our society becomes more and more reliant on sugars and fast food – as well as becoming more sedentary – it’s inevitable that our older generations will develop weight issues and all kinds…

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