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Why Carry Out A Construction Feasibility Study?

There are a number of different phases that a construction project must go through before building can begin, one of these is a construction feasibility study carried out by a reputable construction management firm. In this article, we will be taking a look at exactly what a construction feasibility study is, and why they’re so important to the construction process as a whole. What is a construction feasibility study? Essentially, a construction feasibility study aims to find out whether the construction company in question can feasibly take on the project that they’re intending to. This means that the company’s financial situation…

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Why Are Mixed-Use Developments Becoming More Popular in the UK?

Mixed-use developments have existed for a while now, but in recent times they have become more popular with property developers. Across the UK, we’re seeing buildings spring up where apartments are nested on a complex of shops, restaurants and leisure spaces. But why are these buildings so popular now? Use of space One of the key drivers behind the increase in multi-purpose developments is using space more effectively. Horizontal, multi-use developments may retain some of the benefits of their vertical counterparts – such as the combination of living, leisure and work – but they require a large amount of land to…

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What Can You Expect From a Great Care Home?

Choosing a care home can be a significant decision for many, and it should be expected that the care home you do choose provides the highest standards of care possible. But what goes into making a great care home? In this article, we’re taking a look at exactly that. Safety Care home safety comes in many forms, from the training, professionalism and support offered by staff to the security of the building, maintenance of appliances, general hygiene and more. Residents should feel comfortable and safe throughout their stay, and confident that their needs are attentively looked after by a team who…

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The Benefits of Care Home Refurbishment

Care homes should be built to last, giving certainty and quality to an establishment. For many care homes the wear and tear of time, as well as the progression of technology, makes care home refurbishment imperative.  Of course, refurbishments aren’t always required for homes which have only recently been built, but the demand on care homes means there are a variety of benefits to refurbishing properties at certain points. Here are just a few of the benefits for residents: Better facilities Through refurbishment, care home facilities can improve drastically, offering a better quality of life and meeting the varied needs of…

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Designing Bespoke Care Homes for Dementia Residents

Presently, there are approximately 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK – this figure will reach around 1.4 million by 2040. This year, 209,600 people will develop dementia – this equates to one person every three minutes. One in six people over the age of 80 have dementia, and 70% of people in care homes suffer from dementia or memory problems. These saddening statistics are why care homes for dementia residents are so important, and in this article, Aedifice will lay out the key features of a dementia-centric care home. Designing Bespoke dementia care design comes by paying close attention…

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