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Reasons to hire a professional project manager?

In such a challenging climate, it’s important to ensure that you have the right people in the right roles. For care home construction, this is something which you simply have to get right – even at the top level.  Getting a professional project manager is vital for your processes, as you will then have someone with industry knowledge and expertise to get the best results for the project. Ultimately, this will see greater value for money and better quality work. This is one of the more obvious reasons to hire a professional project manager, but there are more besides this. With…

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Why Carry Out A Construction Feasibility Study?

There are a number of different phases that a construction project must go through before building can begin, one of these is a construction feasibility study carried out by a reputable construction management firm. In this article, we will be taking a look at exactly what a construction feasibility study is, and why they’re so important to the construction process as a whole. What is a construction feasibility study? Essentially, a construction feasibility study aims to find out whether the construction company in question can feasibly take on the project that they’re intending to. This means that the company’s financial situation…

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Why Are Mixed-Use Developments Becoming More Popular in the UK?

Mixed-use developments have existed for a while now, but in recent times they have become more popular with property developers. Across the UK, we’re seeing buildings spring up where apartments are nested on a complex of shops, restaurants and leisure spaces. But why are these buildings so popular now? Use of space One of the key drivers behind the increase in multi-purpose developments is using space more effectively. Horizontal, multi-use developments may retain some of the benefits of their vertical counterparts – such as the combination of living, leisure and work – but they require a large amount of land to…

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Retirement Villages Explained [with graphics]

In later life, it becomes important to ensure our loved ones can enjoy a high standard of living while also having access to care as and when required. Social care options have grown in recent years, and retirement villages have become an attractive option for seniors looking for a lifestyle transition. So what are retirement villages? How are they run and what do they have to offer residents that traditional care homes simply can’t? What makes a retirement village? Retirement villages are built around independent living inside a social, active community setting. They’re built to serve all the needs of residents…

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Changes To CDM Requirements Part 2: The Implications

These regulations came into force on 6th April 2015 but for most projects already underway these have been managed under interim measures with the existing parties being employed, however as of 6th October 2015 all projects both new and existing will have to be managed under the New Regulations. There was, just before and for a while after, some speculation on the effect and actual practical management of the new Regulations, however, new guidance has been published and initial draft documents have been issued giving a clear picture:- The Key changes are as follows: All projects must have:- a) A written…

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