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Reasons to hire a professional project manager?

Industry Knowledge and Expertise: A professional project manager brings valuable industry insight and expertise to ensure optimal results for the care home project, resulting in greater value for money and quality work. Industry Contacts: Leveraging their industry contacts, a project manager can facilitate efficient procurement of labor and materials, crucial for the success of the project amid rising costs and challenging market conditions. Cost Management and Negotiation: Skilled in procurement and negotiation, a project manager can secure the best deals, manage costs effectively, and provide accurate cost forecasts, essential for navigating the complexities of care home construction. Issue Resolution: With experience…

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Why Carry Out A Construction Feasibility Study?

Understanding Feasibility: Financial Evaluation: Assess the construction company’s financial health, strengths, weaknesses, and external factors like economic instability or pandemics. Resource Assessment: Evaluate if the company possesses the necessary resources, including materials, labor, and time, to meet project requirements. TELOS Analysis: Technology: Determine if the company has the required technology and workforce proficiency for efficient project execution. Economic Viability: Conduct a cost/benefit analysis to assess financial risks against potential rewards. Legal Considerations: Identify planning restrictions and legal requirements that could affect project feasibility. Operational Feasibility: Evaluate the company’s capacity to manage and execute the complexities of the construction project. Scheduling: Examine…

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Why Are Mixed-Use Developments Becoming More Popular in the UK?

Efficient Use of Space: Stack modern apartments above retail spaces, maximizing land use especially in urban areas. Convenience: Proximity to amenities fosters a symbiotic relationship, benefiting residents and businesses. Sustainability: Incorporate green features like wind turbines and rooftop gardens, appealing to eco-conscious residents. Urban Appeal: Walkable access to shops and entertainment reduces reliance on cars, promoting a greener lifestyle. Continuous Activity: Maintain a vibrant atmosphere with ongoing resident and visitor engagement, attracting further investment. Example: Liverpool Waters: Offers diverse neighborhoods with residential, business, and leisure spaces, catering to varied community needs. Overall Trend: Mixed-use developments are gaining popularity for their blend…

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Retirement Villages Explained [with graphics]

In later life, it becomes important to ensure our loved ones can enjoy a high standard of living while also having access to care as and when required. Social care options have grown in recent years, and retirement villages have become an attractive option for seniors looking for a lifestyle transition. So what are retirement villages? How are they run and what do they have to offer residents that traditional care homes simply can’t? What makes a retirement village?   Retirement villages are built around independent living inside a social, active community setting. They’re built to serve all the needs of…

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Changes To CDM Requirements Part 2: The Implications

These regulations came into force on 6th April 2015 but for most projects already underway these have been managed under interim measures with the existing parties being employed, however as of 6th October 2015 all projects both new and existing will have to be managed under the New Regulations. There was, just before and for a while after, some speculation on the effect and actual practical management of the new Regulations, however, new guidance has been published and initial draft documents have been issued giving a clear picture:- The Key changes are as follows: All projects must have:- a) A written…

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