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The Importance of Interior Design in Care Homes

Communal design Interior design in a care home has a significant impact on the wellbeing, happiness, comfort and confidence of residents. By embracing an open, communal and inclusive design philosophy, residents are encouraged to be independent, creating a healthy lifestyle for all. Residents should be engaged with their surroundings. Placement of furniture in communal areas has a big influence here, and so do the colours, which bring structure and recognisability to a space. More open spaces, which minimise the need for winding, corridors, allows residents to see more of their surroundings at a glance. This, combined with clear navigational signage —…

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How Care Homes Might Look in 10 Years’ Time

There’s no doubt that the care industry will see advancements and changes in the future. While it’s difficult to predict the trajectory or pace of these changes, it can be fruitful to think about the impact they might have — particularly from a planning perspective. Technology Smart technology can have small and large scale benefits. A care home even ten years from now could include a swathe of technological improvements to help everyday life. This can be achieved by subtly integrating smart technology as a supplement to life in a care home — rather than an overwhelming focus. Examples could include:…

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Providing value for money whilst maintaining quality in care home construction

The seemingly constant cuts and rising costs in care home construction would appear to be squeezing care homes to breaking point.  With stark figures from the CQC stating that two out of every five care homes are below standard, the boss at Care England, Martin Green, has said the situation is “really serious” and suggests many will fold within the next 12 to 18 months.  Those homes least at risk from such closure are designed and are of a scale that allows them to operate efficiently. Modern construction both conserves running costs and ensures a home is future-proof, allowing it to…

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Reasons to hire a professional project manager?

In such a challenging climate, it’s important to ensure that you have the right people in the right roles. For care home construction, this is something which you simply have to get right – even at the top level.  Getting a professional project manager is vital for your processes, as you will then have someone with industry knowledge and expertise to get the best results for the project. Ultimately, this will see greater value for money and better quality work. This is one of the more obvious reasons to hire a professional project manager, but there are more besides this. With…

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What are the Different Kinds of Retirement Property

There are now 705 million people on the planet who are over 65. With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that a variety of different forms of retirement property have taken shape over the years. Here are some of the key types of retirement properties that you can find here in the UK and some of their distinctive features. Sheltered housing Sheltered housing is a form of accommodation which allows elderly residents to live independently. It usually takes the form of self-contained flats and, unlike many conventional blocks of flats, features an array of different communal facilities for residents to enjoy. This…

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