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How to Create an Arthritis-friendly Care Home

Arthritis, a condition characterised by joint pain and stiffness, affects millions of people worldwide. The prevalence of arthritis increases dramatically as people age, making it a significant consideration in care home settings. Designing a care home that caters to the needs of residents with arthritis can improve their quality of life and overall wellbeing greatly. In this article, the Aedifice team will be exploring practical strategies and to create an arthritis-friendly environment within care homes.

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Accessibility and mobility programs for Arthritis

One of the primary considerations in designing an arthritis-friendly care home is ensuring accessibility and promoting mobility. Incorporating features such as ramps, wide doorways, and handrails can facilitate ease of movement for residents with arthritis. As well as this, Installing elevators or lifts can allow access to different floors, reducing the need for stairs.

Ergonomic furniture for Arthritis

Choosing ergonomic furniture and equipment can significantly alleviate discomfort for residents with arthritis. Chairs and sofas with supportive cushions and adjustable features can be very helpful, and adjustable-height beds and grab bars in bathrooms can also enhance safety for residents with mobility limitations.

Flooring and lighting for Arthritis

Selecting appropriate flooring and lighting is crucial in creating a comfortable environment for individuals with arthritis. Choose non-slip flooring materials such as cork, rubber or smooth carpeting to reduce the risk of falls. Adequate lighting is important as well for promoting visibility and reducing strain on joints.

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Accessible amenities for Arthritis

Make amenities within the care home easily accessible for residents where possible. This includes ensuring that communal spaces such as dining areas, recreational areas and therapy rooms are designed with their needs in mind. Try arranging furniture to allow for easy manoeuvrability and consider installing assistive devices such as grab bars and handrails where necessary.

Implementing assistive technology for Arthritis

Incorporating assistive technology can greatly enhance the independence and quality of life for residents with arthritis. For example, you could implement features such as electronic door openers, voice-activated lights and adjustable beds controlled by remotes. Providing residents with access to mobility aids such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs can enhance mobility even further, helping residents move from room to room.

Education and staff training for Arthritis

Educating staff members about arthritis and its management is extremely important for providing quality care to residents. Consider focusing training on understanding the symptoms and limitations associated with arthritis, as well as techniques for assisting residents with daily activities while minimising discomfort. It’s important as well to be knowledgeable about the use of assistive devices to support residents effectively.

Wellness programmes and therapies for Arthritis

In addition to physical solutions, incorporating holistic wellness programmes can improve the overall wellbeing of residents with arthritis. Offering activities such as gentle exercise classes, yoga, tai chi and massage therapy can help to promote flexibility, strength and relaxation. Dietary counselling can also play a significant role in managing arthritis symptoms and promoting overall health, so this is also something to consider.

Aedifice Partnership has years of experience when it comes to managing new care home construction projects and providing creative solutions for residents with disabilities such as arthritis. If you have one on the horizon, give us a call today and let’s discuss your requirements.

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