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Care Home Design Tips for Residents With Sight Loss

Appropriate Lighting: Balance natural and artificial lighting to create a safe, comfortable environment. Maximize natural light and use gentle lighting to avoid glare. Contrasting Colors and Textures: Utilize contrasting colors and textures for better distinction. Textured flooring and contrasting colors aid navigation and reduce fall risks. Clear Signage: Ensure signage is clear with large fonts and high color contrast. Tactile signage with braille assists those with severe impairments. Organized Spaces: Maintain clutter-free, well-organized areas for easy navigation. Clearly mark different zones for orientation. Assistive Technology: Implement voice-activated systems and audio cues for independence. Smart devices control environmental factors, and audio notifications…

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Top tips for a successful property renovation

Whether it’s a hobby or a business decision, there are more and more people getting into property. The best way people find for making money on a property is through home renovation – if you buy a property cheap and can fix it up well then there is a profit to be made. Some people do decide to renovate property in order to create their ideal home for themselves, but whatever your reasons are, take a look at our top tips for renovation. Renovation research is key When spending large sums of money, even if the property is being sold at…

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