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Reducing Hospital Admissions via Improved Care Home Standards

No matter what time of the year, elderly people, who are making up a larger and larger proportion of our population, require more care and more attention. It’s a problem we have to face up to as a country, with an aging population which could eventually be the one thing to bring the NHS to its knees. This issue is both a large and a small-scale one, it could be something which cripples our economy, but it’s also heartbreaking for our loved ones because the low standards in some care homes is often preventable. There are several ways in which we…

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Significance Of Time And Money Management In Summer School Construction Projects

Construction projects for schools are tricky since they can’t simply be scheduled in to suit the contractors at any old time of the year. The majority of school construction projects are carried out in the summer when students and teachers get a long break. This gives designers and contractors a time in which the work can be carried out safely, without too much worry over the disruption of the school. This small window of construction opportunity, whether for upgrades and maintenance or a brand new addition to a site, means there has to be more consideration put into the planning and…

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Building an extension, what should you consider?

Although the housing market has seen some movement of late there are still plenty of people hoping to increase the value of their property and improve their living conditions by opting to add an extension to their home. Even the commercial industry has taken on this trend, extending their existing structures into spare land space so as to provide better services. Whether you’re planning an extension out of necessity or as an investment, there are a lot of different things to consider and it can be worth getting a building survey for peace of mind. In our short guide we outline…

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