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Building an extension, what should you consider?

Although the housing market has seen some movement of late there are still plenty of people hoping to increase the value of their property and improve their living conditions by opting to add an extension to their home.

Even the commercial industry has taken on this trend, extending their existing structures into spare land space so as to provide better services.

Whether you’re planning an extension out of necessity or as an investment, there are a lot of different things to consider and it can be worth getting a building survey for peace of mind.

In our short guide we outline some of the key considerations that you need to factor into your plans.

No matter how small or how grand you plan to go, you want to ensure it’s done right the first time to avoid problems and extra costs.



While they may not be your first consideration, you can save yourself time and money if you discuss your plans with your neighbours from the outset, giving them a chance to discuss any issues they might have and clear the air before work begins.

You should consider keeping the look of your extension in line with the other properties on your street to avoid conflicting and potentially ugly aesthetics.

Try to make compromises even if you aren’t legally obliged to do so – this will help keep the peace if you intend to stay in the property.

Planning & Regulations

The trickiest area when it comes to any kind of building work, as everyone knows, is dealing with the planning and regulations.

Planning permission is used to take control of all buildings and developments, directing and managing the area as a whole.

You’ll need approval for extensions over four metres high and if they are within two metres of your property boundaries. There are other reasons, but these are the most common ones given how compact most built up areas are.

Regulations mean that you can’t just build anything in an ad hoc manner; you must comply with building regulations to ensure the highest standards are met.

For a commercial property, it might be that the right kind of facilities and access need to be accounted for.


Throughout the process you’ll need to hire different people to take care of different aspects of your extension’s construction.

For the initial designs, you need to hire an architect, they can help you to shape your extension and offer guidance for planning and regulations – many will even take on the task of managing the project, which can help to unify certain aspects of the build.

When choosing your builders, remember that “cheap” doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal.

Cowboys will cost you more in the long run and can put the whole project at risk as well as your safety.

Find someone with recommendations and ask to see their previous work where possible.

Once their services are secured, ensure that you get a contract completed.


Finally, think about your budget carefully and be realistic with your plans.

If you take on too much you could end up in trouble, so it’s best to set extra funds aside for further down the line.

If there are pieces of work you can do yourself competently enough then you can save some money, but don’t gamble on the quality if you’re not confident.

Aedifice Partnership is a leading consultancy and project management firm specializing in delivering high-quality projects across various sectors, including care homes, residential properties, education establishments, and commercial properties.

Our range of services includes project management, chartered building surveys, CDM and quantity surveying among others.

Here at Aedifice Partnership, we can provide premier project management services for your extension as we all architectural services to help you with both the design work and the paperwork.

Contact our professional team today to find out more information or to discuss your extension plans.


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