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Reasons to hire a professional project manager?

  • Industry Knowledge and Expertise: A professional project manager brings valuable industry insight and expertise to ensure optimal results for the care home project, resulting in greater value for money and quality work.
  • Industry Contacts: Leveraging their industry contacts, a project manager can facilitate efficient procurement of labor and materials, crucial for the success of the project amid rising costs and challenging market conditions.
  • Cost Management and Negotiation: Skilled in procurement and negotiation, a project manager can secure the best deals, manage costs effectively, and provide accurate cost forecasts, essential for navigating the complexities of care home construction.
  • Issue Resolution: With experience in the care home industry, a professional project manager is equipped to address any challenges that arise during the project, ensuring its success by taking on various responsibilities and keeping it on track.
  • Comprehensive Project Management: From planning and proposal to assignment and coordination, a project manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing all aspects of the construction process, ensuring quality and success.

In such a challenging climate, it’s important to ensure that you have the right people in the right roles.

For care home construction, this is something which you simply have to get right – even at the top level. 

Why should you hire a project manager for a care home development project

Getting a professional project manager is vital for your processes, as you will then have someone with industry knowledge and expertise to get the best results for the project.

Ultimately, this will see greater value for money and better quality work.

This is one of the more obvious reasons to hire a professional project manager, but there are more besides this.

surveyor helping to manage a building project

With a professional and experienced project manager comes their contacts, and while many contractors have gone out of business, the industry contacts of your project manager could be a precious resource.

From the labour costs to the cost of materials, a lot can hinge on how good a project manager is at procurement of these things; only by securing the best deals can care home construction projects be successful.

The continuing rise in costs for the care home construction industry has been making development appraisals difficult, another reason a seasoned expert is a major asset.

The negotiating and tendering stage could make or break a project, something a project manager is heavily involved with.

By negotiating the best cost plans, you can keep costs down, but more importantly, know with a better degree of accuracy how much different aspects of the project will cost as part of the forecast.

A professional project manager, with experience of the care home industry, will undoubtedly be able to tackle any issues which arise head-on.

Having their expertise on side can only help, with them taking on a whole host of responsibilities while keeping the project’s success on course.

Planning, proposing, assigning and coordinating, a project manager is an essential cog.

At Aedifice Partnership we provide project management to bring quality to any construction project, tackling all aspects of the process with knowledge and experience on our side.

Aedifice Partnership is a leading consultancy and project management firm specializing in delivering high-quality projects across various sectors, including care homes, residential properties, education establishments, and commercial properties.

Our range of services includes project management, chartered building surveys, CDM and quantity surveying among others.

For further details on the services Aedifice Partnership offer, contact us or call 0800 151 0234.


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