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The 5 Most Effective Classroom Refurbishments to Improve Your School

  • Library Revamp:
    • Interactive Spaces: Create interactive library areas with computer zones for research and diverse working environments to cater to different projects and preferences.
  • Common Rooms Enhancement:
    • Facilitating Social Interaction: Ensure common rooms are designed to encourage social interaction, with both open and private seating areas to accommodate various group sizes and personal inclinations.
  • Improved Sports Facilities:
    • Versatile Sports Hall: Upgrade or build a multi-use sports hall capable of hosting a variety of indoor sports activities regardless of weather conditions.
  • Modernized Classrooms:
    • Technology Integration: Modernize classrooms with presentation screens and tablet-friendly setups to align with the contemporary reliance on technology in education.
  • Strategic Extensions:
    • Addressing Space Constraints: Implementing extensions can alleviate space constraints, whether for classrooms, dining areas, or staff lounges, enhancing productivity and alleviating bottlenecks such as crowding during mealtimes.

The true challenge for any school is to get children to love the process of learning.

While much of this challenge is centred around the quality of the teaching staff and the culture that’s been fostered at the school, it’s also true that the physical structure and buildings of the school have a part to play.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at our 5 most effective classroom refurbishments that can improve schools for both the students and the teachers.



If you want your students to fall in love with reading and learning, having the right library area is essential.

It shouldn’t just be a place where books can be read, however.

To truly capture the minds of students, a library should be interactive.

Including a computer area in your library allows students to seamlessly switch between work and research.

It’s also worth thinking about the inclusion of both open and private working areas to ensure that all different kinds of projects can be worked on, and all personality types are catered to.

Common rooms

For young children, the social side of school is just as important as the academic, which is why it’s important to ensure that all social spaces are high quality and structured such that they facilitate interaction.

It’s worth noting that, just like for working spaces, social spaces should also be able to accommodate both smaller and larger social groups, which is why a mixture of open and more private seating areas should be the aim.

Sports hall

Decent sports facilities are often the primary concern for some parents, which is why it’s important to ensure that the sports facilities at your school are up to scratch.

A multi-use sports hall, whether it be new or refurbished, is a great way to quickly improve your school’s sports facilities given just how versatile they are.

From basketball to tennis, football to badminton, a well-built sports hall can accommodate a variety of different games and is unaffected by the weather outside.

yellow pencil


The classrooms of today have come a long way from just blackboards and desks, so if your classrooms have fallen behind the curve a little, it’s time to bring them back up to speed.

From presentation screens to tablets, technology is now at the heart of every classroom, so it’s important to structure your new classrooms around these features.


Whether you are looking to expand a classroom, a dining area or a teacher’s lounge, an extension can be a clever way of increasing the available space of your school without having to actually expand your property. It can also be a way of easing blockages and increasing productivity.

For example, a dining area that’s too small can mean that students and teachers are often left waiting for food or waiting to be seated.

This can have a knock on effect that will cause lateness in the afternoon. A well-thought-out extension, however, could increase kitchen and seating space, helping the school day to flow better.

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