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Doing Construction Work Safely – CDM Requirements

Compared with most other industries, there is a greater risk of injury and fatalities within the construction industry.

The high levels of major injury and work-related illnesses are what prompted new regulations back in 1994 called Construction (Design and Management) Regulations – the name is often abbreviated to CDM requirements.

Despite their initial implementations it was still felt that health and safety in the construction industry was somewhat lacking.

In 2007, following a great deal of consultation, improvements to the regulations came into effect, combining both the 1994 and the 1996 regulations.

The new regulations are designed to reduce injury and risk for everyone involved in a project, including right at the very beginning of the project and after it has been completed.

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To ensure the safety of all construction projects, there should be communication and cooperation between all parties involved in the construction project – this includes designers. Everyone involved has a responsibility when it comes to reducing risk and preventing injury on a project, these are called the duty holders and each area has it’s own responsibilities.

As a client you have a variety of responsibilities, the first of which is to appoint a CDM coordinator. Other duties include:

  • Making sure that there is enough time and offer up enough in resources to complete all the stages of your construction project safely.
  • Providing information for those involved in pre-construction, including designers and any relevant contractors.
  • Ensuring that work does not start on the project until a plan has been created for each phase.
  • Providing adequate welfare facilities for the site in questions.
  • Providing information to the CDM coordinator which relates to a health and safety file.
  • Keeping access to the health and safety file for the project at all times.

The CDM coordinator will be in charge of:

  • Giving you advice regarding designers and contractors
  • Identifying any information which is needed by the above
  • Telling you that the construction plan is suitable
  • Creating a file for the project regarding health and safety

The processes put into place are designed to eliminate some of the more time-consuming and bureaucratic regulations which were seen in the 1994 CDM.

This transformation of the rules is thought to have saved a lot of time and money in the construction industry, without ever taking the emphasis away from maintaining health and safety on a construction site.

At Aedifice we have years of expertise and knowledge to help you with your project when you are considering health and safety.

We can support you through all phases of the construction, ensuring you are compliant with the law when it comes to regulations and your obligations.

Aedifice Partnership is a leading consultancy and project management firm specializing in delivering high-quality projects across various sectors, including care homes, residential properties, education establishments, and commercial properties. Our range of services includes project management, chartered building surveys, CDM and quantity surveying among others.

Get in touch with our professional team today for more information, we’re always happy to hear from you and can discuss your requirements with you.


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