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How to avoid boundary disputes

As humans we might not feel territorial, but when it comes to our property we like to know that we aren’t being deprived of a single centimetre of space which is legally ours.

Property consultants can help you if you’re having trouble with any kind of issues with your neighbours, but disputes can often be resolved without both parties having to spend money taking the issue to court.

Once you engage your neighbours in a legal dispute you will surely see any relationship you had with them go sour.

Different people will go to different lengths to get what they want, while others will put up with a miniscule boundary shift in order to keep the peace.

If your initial attempts to discuss the issue with your neighbour don’t go down well, or if you’re already not on speaking terms with them, you could benefit from bringing in a property consultant early on.

If you’re moving into a new house then you should ensure a property consultant carries out a thorough check of your boundaries as part of a survey, so you have information to hand at a later date should you need it.


Trees and hedges

One of the most common reasons neighbours end up having to go to court is because of issues with trees and hedges which either run along a property boundary or which hang over into a neighbouring garden.

You can get a complaint form from your local council if you aren’t able to resolve the issue yourself with the neighbour.

This is only used if the hedge is over 2 metres in height and affects the enjoyment of your garden or home because it either blocks light or causes damage.

Legally you can trim any branch or root which crosses over the boundary into your property but anything more and you could land yourself in unnecessary trouble.

Boundaries and shared walls

Shared walls – sometimes referred to as party walls – are also a common cause of friction between neighbours and are slightly trickier to solve without the help of experts.

If you are carrying out work on a party wall, you need to first give notice and visa-versa, this allows for objections to be raised.

After this point, if there are no agreements about planned work then it may be time to call in an independent surveyor to be appointed to conclude what work can be done and in what timeframe.

Here at Aedifice we know that maintaining a good relationship with your neighbours is important and that’s why we provide professional property consultants to help you with any kind of boundary disputes.

Whether you believe you’re able to move your boundaries, or you think your neighbour has encroached on your land, we can help you to resolve disputes without the need for a breakdown in your friendship with your neighbour.

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Our range of services includes project management, chartered building surveys, CDM and quantity surveying among others.

Simply contact Aedifice today and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual situation.


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