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What Do Residents Look For in a Care Home? – Infographic

As property consultants with vast experience in the care home sector, we understand how important – and often difficult – choosing the right care home is.

That’s why we’ve put together this care home infographic to highlight some of the issues facing existing care homes, and what might be done to attract patients to a modern care home in the future – ensuring a better standard of care for all.


When a resident chooses a care home, they’re making an important decision about their future.

From a care provider’s perspective, an intuitive service delivered from the outset – to a diverse range of people – is the watermark of quality care. The design of a care home should always keep this in mind.

Care crisis in numbers:

7.2million – The number of over-75s by 2025, demonstrating the UK’s ageing population

42,000 – The number of additional beds needed by 2022

71,215 – The number of additional beds required by 2025

2.8million – The estimated number of over 65s requiring care by 2025

£33,000 – The average cost of residential care across the UK per year

77,000 – Number of beds in ‘sub-standard’ homes – according to the CQC (Care Quality Commission)

Purpose of care homes

Care homes should provide focused care to a diverse range of residents, ensuring a high quality of life to older people suffering from dementia, reduced mobility, disabilities.

Ideally, homes provide residents with accessible amenities, activities and social integration. The design of a home is key to this.

What’s essential?

  • Easy to understand layout
  • Wide range of accessibility options
  • Privacy – bedrooms need to feel safe, secure, homely and comfortable, for example
  • Independence encouraged through design
  • Focussed internal structure – to aid navigation, for example
  • Attractive both inside and out – modern, colourful, clean


Colour, aesthetic and design can help to curate a positive, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

A mix of social and private spaces minimises any feelings of claustrophobia, while a variety of modern amenities helps the home to appeal to more residents with diverse interests, needs and desires.

EXAMPLEColour coding areas for intuitive wayfinding. This is a subtle way of encouraging familiarity with the space without the need for constant assistance. It’s a design technique focused on independence and care.

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