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Unique Characteristics of Care Home Builds [with graphics]

Care homes are not like your average builds, the needs of the residents are often varied and therefore so are the characteristics of the property.

Careful consideration needs to be given to the design of such a building to ensure the needs of the residents and the staff are met, making it a successful construction with a long term future.

The following aspects of the build should be balanced, ensuring that the wellbeing of the residents can be catered for.

How to create a homelike environment in a care home


Residents will no doubt be staying for the foreseeable future, but this shouldn’t mean the designers have to treat the interior decor as if it were a hospital.

The architecture should reflect the strategic mission of the home, making residents comfortable and the spaces easily navigable.

These buildings are people’s ‘homes’ after all, so the design needs to have a welcoming atmosphere; one where a resident can feel relaxed and happy in – and one they’ll grow happily familiar with over their residency.

Colours are important, especially when it comes to wayfinding, but clever interior design will be able to make use of bold, functional colours, without neglecting the more subdued decor and tones that residents might be more used to.

Bedrooms especially should really evoke that ‘at home’ feeling; this will also encourage greater independence for residents, giving them a private space where they can personalise just like their rooms at home.

Cost Effective & Efficient

Unique characteristics of care home builds - cost effective and efficient

Getting the balance right between bedroom numbers and day space is vital when designing and costing an efficient care home.

More bedroom numbers means greater income, while larger day space areas encourages residents out of their rooms, going a long way towards improving their way quality of life.

Obviously, both are incredibly impactful, so when planning a new care home, this difficult balance is the most important consideration to make, and one that will really benefit from the insight and advice from experienced care home planning consultants.


Unique characteriscs of care home builds - sanitation

Durable, easily cleaned surfaces and structures will help to keep the home sanitised, but this needs to be balanced with a homely environment, while good ventilation can help to disperse any odours.

Toilets should also be in key locations, made easily accessible to avoid incidents for residents.

Wet rooms can be a great benefit for residents, taking away much of the physical obstacles from bathing and bathroom routines.

Of course, these need to be expertly planned and installed to maximise safety and water retention.

Security & Accessibility

Unique characteristics of care home builds -security and accessibility

Designs need to incorporate the needs of those with less mobility, allowing room for those with wheelchairs.

Meanwhile the control of exits and entrances protects residents, both from outside threats as well as from the risk of individuals become lost or wandering away from the home.

Of course, security features – such as dedicated security doors, CCTV cameras and gates – should be installed in a way that doesn’t oppress residents.

Strategic planning here is essential, to give residents (and their loved ones who will also hold the home to high standards) a feeling of safety without it being overbearing or claustrophobic.

To get the balance of all these key aspects, bringing greater benefits for residents and staff, care home builds require professional consultants with experience to oversee the project as a whole.

Aedifice Partnership is a leading consultancy and project management firm specializing in delivering high-quality projects across various sectors, including care homes, residential properties, education establishments, and commercial properties.

Our range of services includes project management, chartered building surveys, CDM and quantity surveying among others.

At Aedifice Partnership, we manage the appointment of the right contractors and designers, while managing the relationships which comes with such projects.

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