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What type of survey do I need?

Buying a home is no small thing, it’s likely to be more money than you’ll ever spend and a mortgage can be a pretty lengthy loan. So it makes sense that when you purchase your dream property – whether it’s ready made for you with everything included, or a fixer-upper – you ensure that you’re getting what you pay for without any nasty surprises.

The best way to do this is to have a survey carried out on the property by someone independent of the sellers and yourself. There are a variety of surveys which you can have performed and, depending on your mortgage, you might find that you get a survey thrown in for free. Here are the main survey types and what you can expect to gain from them.

Condition survey

Starting at the very bottom, a condition report on your potential purchase is the most basic kind of survey you can have done. There is very little which this survey will show up, other than to compliment the valuation survey by your mortgage provider and back up the findings in the valuation report. The odd issue might be flagged up but this survey might only be useful if you need reassurance that the building is standing upright without obvious faults.

Building survey

At the top of the pile is the building survey. This is the most complete and well-rounded survey so it should go without saying that this is the most pricey of the three, with costs going over £1,000 depending on the cost of the property itself.
With this report, the surveyor will take a lot more time to inspect everything, getting up in the attic, checking between walls and floors, and offering you advice about times and costs for repairs or modifications. This gives you greater scope to discuss things with your surveyor and get more information about anything which worries you about the property.

For premier building surveys and professional building surveyors and commercial building surveys, you need look no further than Aedifice. Contact us today and we’ll arrange for a dedicated building survey for any commercial property in any sector.


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